1. jkk4_1998's Avatar
    On my Tour, lately I've been getting two beeps right before I make a connection, as well as getting the same two beeps when someone calls me. The other party hears nothing. It's those two beeps like"call waiting" or you have a "voicemail". Did a battery pull as well as a hard reset with no results. Running Verizon 4.7.153 and have been for at least two weeks. Anyone experience this annoyance? Could this be a side effect of 153?

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    10-18-09 05:19 AM
  2. SammyB's Avatar
    I get the same beeps, I think it's when I'm roaming off of Verizon's towers since I'm with Sprint. Seems to do it only when I'm roaming. But I can't be sure of that
    10-18-09 06:14 AM
  3. jkk4_1998's Avatar
    I get it all the time, even off a Verizon Tower. Very strange. Hope someone has an answer to this crazy thing!

    10-18-09 06:17 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Have you possibly installed software that alerts when a call is connected/disconnected? Jazz app has an app that causes a slight vibration like that. There might be others apps that alert like that, too.
    10-18-09 09:05 AM
  5. jkk4_1998's Avatar
    Nope, nothing.

    10-18-09 09:11 AM
  6. dag99's Avatar
    This happens all the time on verizon even with non-BB devices
    10-18-09 09:12 AM
  7. sreneel77's Avatar
    I know how to turn that off on a dumb phone, I just went through all my menus trying to figure it out, I have no idea how to turn it off on a BB. It's normally a setting on the phone that has ben switched (often accidentally).

    If I were you I'd call VZW's tech support, they are really helpful, here are directions for calling them and bypassing cust care (call from a different phone):
    dail 1.800.922.0204, enter your phone # when prompted, the system will then ask you to tell it what you want or press 3 for tech, 4 for smart phones& then 1 for BB
    10-18-09 09:45 AM