1. eromano3's Avatar
    I got my storm about 2 weeks ago, and its been working great. However, what i've heard is that generally they all started out working great, then once you start adding more apps or it gets older it starts buggin out. I am still under my 30 day warrentee so I could return it to the verizon store before anything really goes wrong and pick up a tour and pay the difference between the two phones. But I am used to the touch screen and clicking of the tour but I keep hearing great things about the tour and perhaps this switch would be for the best. Is it possible that my storm will keep working great for my entire 2 year contract? or will it be best to go to the Tour and get my first non-touch blackberry.
    07-23-09 06:46 AM
  2. tcox8's Avatar
    But I am used to the touch screen and clicking of the tour
    I assume you meant to say Storm there

    As for me, I've been a proud storm owner from day 1, and I love it! Haven't had any problems with mine, nor has my girlfriend, her dad, or two brothers! We are all Storm and Crackberry.com fanatics!
    07-23-09 07:28 AM
  3. mjbesen310's Avatar
    yeah the storm is by far the worst blackberry to date in all honesty. There horrable phones. The best move I ever did was getting rid of that storm for the Tour. The Tour is all that plus more. I would get rid of that storm as fast as you can
    07-23-09 09:09 AM
  4. frfghtr's Avatar
    Even though they're both blackberrys, imo it's an apples and orange comparison.

    I like my touch screen Storm cause I ain't typing all the time.
    07-23-09 09:14 AM
  5. imiller's Avatar
    I had my storm since it came out, and i just had to get a new one because my screen went black on me. Everythnig else was still working I just couldn't see anything.
    07-23-09 09:15 AM
  6. McKrakken's Avatar
    Sure it's possible.. you could have purchased the worlds best storm that will last 40 years!

    Sarcasm aside, the only one that can make the decision is YOU. If you like what the Storm brings, then keep it... don't let what you read in the forms make your decision for you, especially since most of what you come here and read is negative (about any product).

    For me, I went through 4 storms and said enough was enough.

    One of the BIGGEST things that drove me crazy about my Storm was that it was constantly running out of memory, making me reboot the damn thing EVERY morning before work.

    I also found that I don't use the multimedia features as much as I thought I would and I type A LOT more than I thought I would. So, for me.. the physical keyboard is a huge bonus. The only thing I can say I miss is the big screen for viewing pics. I find surfing the web on the Tour is much better.. I HATED how difficult it was to select links on the Storm.

    You need to decide what you want out of the phone and make a decision.

    I switched to the Tour and I couldn't be happier.. I feel like I'm starting the whole "blackberry" experience over again and am enjoying all the shortcuts and cool stuff a "real" blackberry brings!
    07-23-09 09:22 AM
  7. hagosrush's Avatar
    Tour in my humble opinion. I have had the storm and hated it even with all of the hacked OS's that I could find. The OS was just too slow, the screen was just not good enough and the battery life is almost obsolete.

    The decision is yours, just think of what you want, touch screen with bad batter life, and sluggish performance or blazing fast Tour with great screen and battery life.
    07-23-09 09:40 AM
  8. jeepzilla's Avatar
    I have both and love both
    07-23-09 10:04 AM
  9. FMINUS's Avatar
    You posted in the Tour forum so everyone is going to say that the Storm sucks here.

    I personally had the Storm and returned it after 2 weeks. I needed a qwerty for all the work I do.

    The only thing I miss about the Storm is hte HUGE screen. But the touchscreen and lagginess got to me
    07-23-09 10:46 AM