1. theadrock13's Avatar
    Any ideas how to get a fix for the Tour trackball?

    Just bought a NIB Tour off eBay for my wife, Sprint branded, for $95. Turns out its the early model Tour with the smaller trackball that sucks and gets stuck on itself. (I myself had four early Tours before they released the fix which is basically a larger ball with more texture.)

    I can't return it to the eBay seller. Sprint will replace it for $120 (NOT worth it).

    Any ideas how I could get the ball fixed/replaced? Think RIM would help, (since they did eventually acknowledge the early Tour ball problem and fixed it.)
    07-16-10 02:31 PM
  2. E_Brown's Avatar
    You can buy one, and do the fix yourself since it doesn't have a warranty anyway.
    07-16-10 02:33 PM
  3. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    [ ] is a video that may help... I would purchase one and switch it out.
    07-16-10 05:42 PM
  4. theadrock13's Avatar
    Wow, perfect. I didn't know it could be done at home. I'll try it. Thanks.
    07-16-10 07:21 PM
  5. BergerKing's Avatar
    Just don't get impatient and you should be fine. And whatever you do, don't go for the cheapest trackball replacement, and avoid the cheapo colored ones, otherwise you'll get more practice at replacement than you may care for.

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    07-16-10 07:28 PM
  6. MrObvious's Avatar
    You could try rolling it on paper.
    07-16-10 11:44 PM
  7. Mistik's Avatar
    Is your trackball actually stuck?
    07-17-10 12:16 AM