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    Hey, as usually my BB trackball doesnt work sometimes, only in some menus work normaly, but in others just go up and down, in the home page it doesnt move at all, i need to press the menu button to go to the complete menu and even in there it just move down, but if i let the menu button pressed a while, in that menu it work horizontaly, do you think its the trackball, sensor, or software, i dont understand why it work just in some menus, can anyone help me please!
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    07-17-10 01:39 AM
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    Hello mate! Welcome to Crackberry.

    How long ago did you purchase the device? Do you have insurance? Have you updated your software lately or done anything in particular to the phone? When did this start? If you believe its the hardware at fault, I would call into the carrier and see if you could swap out the device for a CLN-refurb on a warranty claim. To do so, you will have to be either 1) within 1-year of your purchase date or 2) covered by insurance.
    07-17-10 05:22 PM