1. 4ce's Avatar
    ok i have a problem with my track ball on my tour (like almost 50000 other tour user).... so i want to know is it possible to put any trackball inside ( from any previous model)
    are they all the same....

    any idea where to buy a good one i heard that i could get one from cnn but they are cheaper model...

    btw i try searching that but didint find any info on that...
    09-20-09 04:54 AM
  2. GG1's Avatar
    People have said that the curve's trackball works great with the Tour, not as nice looking though,but it works.
    09-20-09 07:20 AM
  3. stiletto835's Avatar
    Just remember you may void your warranty by doing so. I say take it back and get a "green dot" replacement.

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    09-20-09 07:23 AM
  4. rmikeljr's Avatar
    I was told yesterday by a Verizon Tech that the trackball issues I am having (won't scroll half the time & will NOT select/enter when pressed PERIOD) was a software issue.....had to have them send me a new phone b/c it can't be fixed in house......
    09-20-09 08:33 AM