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    I'm going to upgrade my phone and give the Tour a shot, but a few friends have old 8830s as well and asked me why they should upgrade. Obviously it's not too hard to convince us as forum members to upgrade, a lot of the time simply a device being the newest released is enough.

    But to normal, non obsessed BlackBerry users what are the valid reasons for exchanging their trust 8830s for the Tour?

    To them Sprint's 8830 is stable, it has 3G data for browsing, it's good looking...basically it gets the job done. What valid reasons are there to upgrade at the cost of $200-$500?
    07-07-09 10:42 AM
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    Well it depends on your use. If you're not downloading many apps or apps at all I wouldn't say it'd be worth the upgrade. The phone would be a faster running phone with updated styling, more ram, and a better browser.. I guess it really all depends on what you really use it for.

    I have the world for work and I hate it.. Worst call quality and they seem to upgrade these to another world or the storm(GASP). I only want the storm cause the call quality is alot better..
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    07-07-09 10:45 AM
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    Well, firstly, the World Edition has only 64MB of memory. I am always pushing the limit and seeing the dreaded hour glass. The Tour has 256MB; 4 times the size, which, while not earth-shattering by today's standards, blows the 8830 to smithereens. If you have not explored the many applications that are tailored to the Blackberry, you are not deriving even half of the use that the World Edition can be put to. For example, with Slacker radio on my phone, and an adaptor to convert my 2.5mm jack to 3.5mm, I can listen to music completely tailored to my tastes and almost entirely devoid of ads from any speaker in my home. Not to mention GPS (for destinational tracking) and Viigo (with which you can track packages, read classic books, track flights, post on Craigslist, access movies, etc.).

    Secondly, it comes with a (great) camera. Some people disdain the use of a camera on a phone. Not I. Case in point: my girlfriend pops in a store to buy me a tie (I dread those moments; her sense of masculine fashion would soon have me looking like a pimp, and I am a lawyer), and rather than exercising her judgment, she snaps a shot with her cell phone camera and sends it to me by her phone for my take. There are so many situations like that, when you don't have a camera handy (like a Rodney King moment). This would solve the problem admirably.

    Form Factor: I love my World Edition, but it isn't exactly pocketable. The Tour is smaller and sleeker. Battery life is better with the Tour.

    International usage: The Tour covers more bandwidths and is functional in more countries, which is a plus for me, since I travel quite a bit.

    Media Files: Plays more media files than the World Edition, which could not even play YouTube files until fairly recently, with the upgrade.

    I am sure there are more advantages to the Tour that I haven't thought of. Ultimately, it depends on how much you use your phone and for what. I am sold; I can't wait to retire my World Edition, which I love. It will have pride of place in my collection of memorabilia...
    07-13-09 11:04 AM