1. lieman's Avatar
    I know this is a no-brainer to most, but I've been able to work a deal out that allows me to land a Tour for a pretty decent deal without a contract and I'm extremely close to taking it, but I wanted to make absolute certain it was the right choice for me. My big reasons for wanting to upgrade were for faster internet browsing (including video streaming sites like youtube and radio streaming apps like pandora) as well as more room for/ quicker access to my apps, which seem to double in number on a daily basis.
    I'm just looking to hear from people that upgraded to the Tour from their 8330 about just how much better their Tour has been for them. Thanks for any info.
    08-19-09 07:34 PM
  2. BBuser_8330's Avatar
    Well, I had my Curve 8330 since November of this past year and it was my 1st blackberry. I loved everything about the 830, but to me, I wanted a better OS and it looked pretty bulky. Well I waited, waited and waited for the Tour and I ended up getting a pretty good deal with it, and I got my Tour.

    I would have to say that the faster OS is better than that of the 830, the camera is OMG awesome. I like the way it fit my hand, how it wasn't bulky, it's crisp clear screen.

    Thought it doesn't have that glass/plastic screen like the 830 has it's still good.

    Though the thing I miss from the 8330 is how fast I texted on that thing. but i'm still ajusting to the Tour. I love the tour and everything about it.

    It's a personal choice really if you want to exchange.
    08-19-09 08:23 PM
  3. gmonee's Avatar
    is it a wise choice for me to upgrade to the 9630 from sprint and leave my 8330
    08-19-09 08:41 PM
  4. afnstech's Avatar
    I had a 8703e before I got my 9630, my Sister-in-law's boyfriend has a 8330 and looks at my Tour everyday trying to figure out a way to steal it. He wants it for the exact reasons that you listed.

    Personally I think that once you make the upgrade you will be happy......
    08-19-09 08:52 PM
  5. enriquenarez's Avatar
    Switched a few months ago and I love the Tour. Every app runs better, multi-tasking doesn't crush the phone, and I can type way faster with this keyboard. Not to mention that this phone is waaaay sexier!

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    08-19-09 10:02 PM
  6. cubfan_85's Avatar
    My first BB was also the 8330, and I loved it. I switched to the 9630 at launch. The internet browsing is not much faster, however if you tether with it, it is MUCH faster.

    The phone itself operates much faster, multi-tasking and whatnot. And the memory is great. I had quick pull set up to pull every day, and with the Tour, I only need to do a pull when I uninstall an app or the phone itself asks for it.

    IMO, go for it. The new OS is well worth it.
    08-19-09 10:46 PM
  7. FMINUS's Avatar
    Its soooo much better...
    08-19-09 10:48 PM
  8. lieman's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback everyone, just wanted some more outside opinions to re-assure me that it was worth the money. Can't wait to finally get it...
    08-20-09 02:40 PM