1. guitarluvr213's Avatar
    Ive had my tour since day of release. Very happy with it. Except for one major problem. After about a month of having it, when im on a phone call, im struggling to hear the person on the other line. Ive tried all the volume enhancement options and nothing is making it better. Its at 100% volume and if im in the car with the window just a crack open, i cant hear anything. never had that problem when i first got it.

    I heard its a common problem and that wiping the fone supposively fixes it. is this true? if so, what is the best way to wipe the fone and replace everything so as not to lose connection to verizon, etc. Any and all details to that would be very helpful.

    Any other suggestions to fix it?
    09-14-09 06:21 PM
  2. Ladygoodman's Avatar
    I have the 8830 and hope to upgrade to the tour. I would suggest backing up your device and then calling your service provider and have them walk you thru wiping your phone. That is the safest way.
    09-14-09 06:59 PM
  3. driphter's Avatar
    Turn off your automatic volume control under genreral phone options. that shuld fix it. If not try a battery pull. Then you can backup, wipe, and restore.

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    09-14-09 07:52 PM