05-13-09 09:19 AM
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    thats 1 sec of a keystroke that he saved.

    seems to not be posted from wap either
    05-12-09 08:04 PM
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    Just plain X sounds cooler. But if you insist, CX.
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    05-12-09 10:03 PM
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    Hopefully there right with the timing

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    05-12-09 11:15 PM
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    I'm certainly not due for an upgrade in July but i might have to switch over... I have had so many issues with my storm i am now on my 8th storm and i want to pull out my hair fight now. Its either dust, or click, or god knows what else. I went jogging the other day and fell CRACK, come to find out that crack was not my hip. Sure enough there was a crack in my screen rendering the entire screen useless. This is my first BB and its not a pleasant experience but i love BB and the OS (leaked) and BB is a solid company so i have trust in the future Storm and the Tour but i would much rather a solid keyboard, and not having the orientation of the screen not changing on me. (Tour it is) or the app that allows you to lock the orientation.
    05-13-09 09:19 AM
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