1. transdeuce's Avatar
    I've got a BB Tour 9630 that I'm thinking of unlocking and bringing with me to Venezuela. I've read online that the Tour will not work with Venezuelan networks, that it will, that it will work for voice and text but not email, etc... What is the truth?

    If it only works for voice and text, then it's not worth it to me to bring it. I'll use a cheap phone for that. So will it work for emails? How about accessing the internet via a browser? I don't care which network, as long as it works, but if anyone can recommend the network with the best coverage and speed, that would be great.

    If you know about blackberries but not Venezuela, maybe you can let me know which GSM frequencies are compatible with the Tour, so I can check the Ven networks myself.

    Finally, if I can connect to the internet down there, can I use my BB as a modem for my Mac laptop?

    01-31-11 06:40 PM