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    Well it looks like Friday the 13th got me pretty good this time around.

    Was trying to salvage my bust of an evening by stopping by a local place and getting a pizza and a beer. While I was waiting for my food I got a notice that a new Facebook upgrade was out. I download and install the update and it asks tells me I need to reboot for the update to take effect - I do so. Phone was taking an awfully long time to reboot, after about 50 minutes or so I decide to alt-shift-del restart it. Now my phone repeatedly cycles through reboots. The red light goes on for a couple of seconds, then the clock comes up and then the black screen turns white. The clock keeps whizzing around for a bit and then it just does it all over again.

    Any ideas? Relatively new to the phone, only had it about a month and really don't know too much about blackberries

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    11-13-09 10:48 PM
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    Ouch, you may need to redownload the software. I'm sure some one will post that here, I don't hve the link. Or call TS....they may help.
    11-13-09 10:58 PM
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    sounds like a nuked berry. bummer, easy to fix. directions on how to fix a bricked berry are here on CB. Have you tried a batterry pull yet? Just in case.....
    11-13-09 11:00 PM
  4. AZBBFAN's Avatar
    11-13-09 11:02 PM
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    Pull did nothing, when I popped it back in it just started cycling through the reboots again =\

    I'll get a going on the reinstall of the OS, now to figure out how to do it :P (hopefully link that was posted explains it, haven't checked it yet, will do when I finish this reply). Haven't backed anything up as the phone is still pretty new, haven't even connected my phone to my PC at all... Come to think of it that's kind of odd as I am a wee bit of a tech geek :P

    Thanks for the advice, really do appreciate it! Will be sure to post back when I get it straightened out or if I have any other problems.
    11-13-09 11:55 PM
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    Alrighty, got it all done and my berry is back up and running Just gotta redownload everything, not such a big deal.... Although I am terribly saddened to find out contacts aren't saved on the SIM card... This is going to be such a pain
    11-14-09 01:53 AM
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    This is why I back up everything once a week....takes all of 2 minutes at most.
    11-14-09 05:48 AM
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    Strangely, both mine and my husbands Tours did the same thing last night (also on Vzw). So far, no problems today though....Very weird. He and I are running different Os versions (I'm on 5), we haven't loaded the same apps recently, etc. No changes to consider the cause...very weird.
    11-14-09 09:52 AM
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    It's Friday the 13th I tell ya! =P

    Another question! Is there a way to redownload apps that cost $ from app world without paying again? I've only downloaded one and when I went to the app it didn't look to offer a download - just asked me to login to paypal and pay again?

    Edit: I figured I'd try logging into paypal and maybe that's what would trigger the fact that I have already purchased the app... When I try to login I get error id: 3300 This just isn't my weekend folks.
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    11-14-09 10:30 AM