1. coachrice15's Avatar
    Can someone tell me what headset the Tour comes with (Verizon)? Also, if you can give a link with the headphones that would be nice. I ordered mine yesterday. I just hope I did the right thing by ordering the Tour at BOGOF instead of waiting for the Storm 2 to come out. This is my first smartphone so I wasn't sure what to do since I don't have a keyboard or touchscreen preference. With most reporting an Oct. 14 Storm 2 release, should I keep our Tours or should I send it back and wait out the Storm (my wife and I are both getting our first smartphones, and the BOGOF and the price drop on the Tour made it tough to say no). Thanks for the info!
    08-31-09 10:30 AM
  2. camalus's Avatar
    They are generic headphones with an inline mic. Nothing fancy what so ever.

    I believe you can see the oem ones on the crackberry store.

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    08-31-09 11:06 AM