1. jseorti's Avatar
    hello all. my tour is about 2 months old and today it stopped charging. i'm in israel right now and i've tried all sorts of adapters, including the blackberry international adapter and nothing. i've never had a problem charging it here before. nothing is bent or broken (from what i can see) on the charger or charging port. any suggestions?
    09-28-09 10:01 AM
  2. Syco54645's Avatar
    did you try a battery pull? mine frequently doesnt report that it is charging even when it is.
    09-28-09 10:10 AM
  3. fumbalah's Avatar
    Have you tried charging it from your PC using the USB cable?

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    09-28-09 10:13 AM
  4. jseorti's Avatar
    i have tried a battery pull and it didn't work. i don't have the usb cable with me and i don't think that they sell it here. i'm leaving for greece tonight so maybe i can try to find one there but i would really like to get this solved before i go.
    09-28-09 10:15 AM
  5. htown0419's Avatar
    ive had my phone for about a month and i love it but sometimes my battery wont charge, either. sometimes i get the lightning bolt, other times i dont.. but it only charges abou half the time it is plugged in i took it to verizon today and they are sending me a new one. hope the new one is better
    11-08-09 04:31 PM