1. Z06andM5's Avatar
    As an early adopter of the Tour, going from the 8830 to the Tour in mid-July, I have now been through 5 or 6 devices. Frankly I've lost track. Four of the returns were the bad trackball in August and September.

    My track ball issues are now fixed but MAJOR problems make me want to reactivate a Star-Tac at this point.

    1) The SIGNAL SIGNAL SIGNAL issues. This phone has absolutely horrendous indoor reception when other phones work fine. My cell company even gave me the indoor Internet repeater which only works in 10% of my home. Even then the repeater misses tons of incoming calls and shows no voice mail message.

    2) The reboot glitch is killing me. This thing just randomly reboots whenever the **** it feels like it--when just hitting the send button to make a call or pushing the letter "r," just random, 3-4 times a week. Here comes the white screen and clock for 10 minutes.

    3) The speaker goes out when it wants. I have not been awakened by the alarm because the the sound stops working or the speaker phone quits. Again randomly. A batter pull fixes this.

    I am really hating this phone.

    11-17-09 05:51 PM
  2. BryEDS's Avatar
    reload the os after wipibg it with jl_cmdr ... I'm on my 2nd tour after having trackball issues and don't have ANY of the issues you've mentioned. Running with zero problems.
    11-17-09 06:04 PM
  3. dbone15's Avatar
    Not sure what to tell you. Does VZW have bad service where you live? I've never had random reboots and I've had a ton of operating systems/hybrids loaded. It's hard to imagine 5 devices all having bad speaker issues. Bad luck I assume. At some point it becomes user error in my opionion.
    11-17-09 07:33 PM
  4. lorrix's Avatar
    I doubt that the issues you're having are user error, but they all seem to me that they could be software related. A previous poster suggested a wipe and a reload, and I think that's what I would do if I were in your shoes. I mean, I don't know if that would fix any or all of your issues, but it's worth a shot.

    And then if that didn't work I'd get back in touch with your carrier and raise a stink. Regardless of any discounts or promotions we get when we buy our phones, the bottom line is that they are expensive. If the wipe and reload doesn't work, keep going back to them until they give you what you paid for.
    11-17-09 10:51 PM
  5. CB BL's Avatar
    I feel your pain botha!

    I have had most of these symptoms myself, never got the random reboot thing though.. Don't use speaker phone much. Take it to the tech repair center.. and have a conversation with them about your issues. They should do something for you.

    Try a Storm2?
    11-17-09 11:58 PM
  6. wojotiger's Avatar
    Never had trackball issues, never EVER had signal issues, and NEVER had reboot issues, the second 2 issues ur describing sound like software which means u can fix it very simply by doing a wipe and reloading properly. Goodluck

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    11-18-09 12:13 AM
  7. ulnek's Avatar
    my biggest problem with this phone has been the error 552 i get most everytime i download some program no matter what the source is. i can never install anything with any certainty of it working. not only that but it gives me an error 552 have had to erase and install everything on my phone about 10 times in the 2 months i've had it.
    11-18-09 06:23 AM
  8. trickydoc's Avatar
    Man do I feel lucky. Got my BB in Sept. and no problems, other that the tower being downed by a tornado. New BB user, my first, and wife and I both like it. Seemed to have some track ball issues when first used, but upgraded to the 5.0 software now it works much better. I have issues with reception, but my tower is a pile of twisted wreckage, VWZ said it would be working again in about 2 weeks.
    Can't imagine having the problems everyone else is having, am I alone? Should I return my BB and go back to the Moto I dumped? Even with the tower problem, I can still log on the net from my easy chair, could'nt get a call with the MOTO. Bdone15 might be right.
    11-18-09 09:56 AM
  9. talarogue77's Avatar
    I have 3 Sprint Tours in my house. With two of them, the signal for internet fluxuates constantly from 1EV to 1X. Not to mention, mine has an issue with rebooting itself whenever it feels like it. The screen goes white, and then it reboots. My friend had upgraded her OS to 5.0 and the rebooting got worse. We've master reset the phones, and reloaded the OS. I don't know what the deal is. I'm considering going back to my curve.

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    11-18-09 11:46 AM
  10. XberryXaddictionX's Avatar
    I have had my tour for a little over a month which may explain why I have had no trackball issues as I am informed they have been fixed. However I do also want to add that I have not had ANY of those issues. Especially with the signal. I have verizon and the only place I do not get reception is in my house (that goes for ALL previous phones) however, I DO get pretty good reception there with my tour, better than my previous phones. Good luck. This phone really is much better than the curve and I hope that these issues get resolved for you so that you can use it to it's fullest potential!
    11-18-09 11:53 AM
  11. onetruth7797's Avatar
    You are one unlocky man!! Where are you buying these pos?? have you thought about going with touch screeen
    11-18-09 11:59 AM
  12. gimpyviper's Avatar
    I'd try loading a different OS, look for and if your issues continue, your phone is defective and should be replaced. It happens. I have a day 1 Tour and don't/didn't have any of the issues you have, both on 4.7 and 5.0

    Sometimes reception could be due to a loose/disconnected antennae. My boss' BBerry suffered this problem after he dropped it, when I opened it up, sure enough the antennae had become disconnected, reconnecting it fixed that problem.

    The random reboots however, sound like a more sinister problem and if reloading/upgrading the OS doesn't solve it it's probably defective hardware. Also, don't just reload the same OS, I'm sure it won't rewrite all the files if you do that.
    11-18-09 12:17 PM
  13. detman101's Avatar
    Wow, with all the duds you've gotten I would try going to a different phone store in another state!!

    After hearing all the horror stories I decided to buy my tour back home in the Bronx instead of anywhere in Maryland.

    I definitely made the right choice.
    This Tour is rock-solid stable.

    11-18-09 12:27 PM
  14. MrsTokyo's Avatar
    I'm starting to get fed up as well.
    I'm on my 6th Tour, got the original back in july, just got my most recent replacement yesterday.. and this one doesn't let me wake it up after the screen sleeps from me not using it for a few minutes. I'm getting tired of going and coming and going again to the Sprint store.

    +1 for your pain.
    11-18-09 12:39 PM
  15. jck50's Avatar
    I'm on my 3rd Tour like the phone and have limited apps
    Today it jsut strated to have random rebooth 3 by noon! Running the VZW OS
    11-18-09 12:46 PM
  16. MrsTokyo's Avatar
    ^ My 3rd tour was randomly rebooting like CRAZY. I had to switch it out, it was completely unusable. I'd like to give you an answer as to how to switch it but.. Ihad to return mine because it just got worse as days progressed.

    Try updating the entire system through DM and then upgrading to the OS-5.
    I'm having problems with my brand new tour and following the above process, and so good so far. Now all that's left is the OS-5 upgrade.

    Good luck, sincerely.
    11-18-09 01:02 PM
  17. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    first try using the phone without a memory card.....chances are there is a bad sector on the card and it is causing your reboots.
    11-18-09 01:04 PM
  18. bobdelt's Avatar
    The reception on the Tour sucks. It has trouble holding onto EVDO - and when you to switch between EVDO and x1, it simply get's no coverage.

    I have an airaive in my home, my curve, would always how 1 or 2 bars, but when the 3g was dropped instantly would have 5 bars x1. The curve? No coverage for about a minute, until it decides x1, then tries 3g again.

    Something is wrong with the radio... I think maybe the firmware for it is immature? Or RIM did something to try to help out the battery life and f'ed up the reception.

    There is no excuse for me to be about 10 ft from my airaive and not to be able to make a call for 1 minute because it's trying to figure out it's reception issues. I never had this problem with any other phone before.
    11-18-09 01:36 PM
  19. detman101's Avatar
    Try taking the sim card outta your tour and rebooting it.

    11-18-09 01:47 PM