1. camille016's Avatar
    A couple of months ago I purchased a Tour on eBay for Verizon and when I got it, it turned out that it was previously on a BES (Enterprise Server) so I couldn't put my personal email account on it, therefore I had to return it to the seller and got my money back.

    Now I won another Tour and asked the seller if it had been used on a BES, since I assume that if it was, it is locked to it and I will have the same problem as I had before. However, the seller responded to me saying that he Googled my question and that he reset the device so I shouldn't have a problem.

    So my question is: Once a BlackBerry is used on a BES, is it locked for good against putting personal email accounts on it? Or does doing a hard reset on it "fix" the problem? Thanks!
    12-21-09 04:46 AM
  2. richjolliff's Avatar
    A clean wipe of the device takes all account information off. So, yes, BES would be gone unless you activate it.

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    12-21-09 06:35 AM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    That's incorrect.

    If it has an IT policy, you need to remove that. Just wiping it won't do it.

    12-21-09 07:17 AM