1. drkrishall's Avatar
    I have had my Tour since its release date. It has possibly become the best phone I have ever had, just edging out my old e815. However, the ear speaker sounds like its busted and the track ball is beginning to get really hard to control. Plus the looming loose battery door.

    I am expecting all these problems should equal them giving me a replacement device. I have been out of the loop for a while so... is there anything in particular I should ask for. I have read the the 'green dot' tours are getting the best results. Is this true and can I request that I get one of those?

    I'm not complaining or tring to beat the system. I just want the best possible device that I paid for.

    Thanks for all your help!
    P.S. can't wait to check out the Droid...
    11-06-09 09:43 PM
  2. SurfTech's Avatar
    Hope that you have insurance - If so, should not be a problem getting a new one -- Or they may want to 'Fix' your phone - talk em' out of that one - good luck
    11-06-09 09:52 PM
  3. FAA's Avatar
    I just returned mine for a total failure.

    There were no tour in stock in any verizon stores in my area.

    They are doing a 2 day drop shippment from RIM.

    New unit. No refab.

    I guess they are getting ready for the Tour 2.

    No insurance on mine. Zero cost to me.

    They said it is still under warranty.
    11-06-09 09:58 PM
  4. SEVEN1FO's Avatar
    When my 1st Tour's trackball gave out on me, I just walked in to my local VZW store, talked to an employee (who also had his Tour replaced) , and was set up to receive a green dot tour. Took 2 days, and today I am still satisfied with my replacement.

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    11-07-09 01:07 AM
  5. dwood721's Avatar
    They will suggest you do a wipe of the device and then see if the problem is still there. Do it before you go to the store just to save yourself some time. You may even just want to call customer care and have them ship it. That is most likely what the store will have you do anyway

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    11-07-09 01:22 AM
  6. wattage's Avatar
    I agree with what dwood721 said. If you want best results with minimal frustration, call Verizon Customer Support. They are awesome. I've -never- had any problems dealing with them. Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.

    If you go to a store, you're bound to get the runaround and walk out frustrated. Handle your Tour issue over the phone. Then go to the store and play with the Droid.

    Best of luck!
    11-07-09 07:29 AM
  7. mrwindow's Avatar
    Don't let them try to adjust the settings and say all fine that's how it works.

    Go to the store and look at the settings for the track ball on the samples and see if yours works as good in the same settings,if it does'nt tell them yours should work as well as the samples and request a new phone.
    11-07-09 10:44 AM