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    I currently have an 8350i and I am eligible for an upgrade.

    A couple of questions:
    Is the data speed of the Tour and the 8330 better than the WiFi speed of the 8350i? Obviously it's better than the iDen data speed, right?

    Pro's and cons of the 9630 vs the 8330? Seems like the biggest difference is the camera and the international usability, which I do not need.

    Anything else I'm missing?


    12-09-09 06:56 AM
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    WiFi will give you the fastest speeds possible currently on a BB, the only problem being that you have to be in a hotspot to access it!

    The 8330 has what is called 1XEV Rev. O, which is pretty fast, while the Tour 9630 has Rev. A, which is faster still. Here, I found this:

    "EVDO Rev A is 25% faster at downloading and up to 800% faster at uploading (and has lower latency)."
    EVDO Blog by EVDOinfo.com: EVDO Rev A vs. EVDO Rev 0
    There's also this if you're interested in a better breakdown:
    Evolution-Data Optimized - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As far as the pros and cons of the 9630 to the 8330, the differences are staggering. Here's a little breakdown:

    Memory: 256mb for the Tour, 96mb, for the Curve
    Camera: 3.2 megapixel for the Tour, 2.0 for the Curve
    Operating System: 4.7 on the Tour, 4.5 on the Curve
    Screen: 480x360 on the Tour, 320x240 on the Curve, and the Tour screen is much sharper.
    The Tour has a faster processor as compared to the Curve.

    The added memory alone is a monster advantage for the Tour. With the launch of the 8530 on Verizon, however, the advantage is less stellar. While the screen on the 8530 is the same dimensions as the old curve, the 8530 has 256mb of memory, is WiFi Capable, runs OS 5.0 out of the box (even though all BB models after the 8330 will be getting the 5.0 upgrade eventually), so it has some advantages over the Tour, however it's not World Phone capable...
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    why not wait for the TOUR 2 to be released shortly.
    12-09-09 09:43 AM