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    Please forgive my ignorance. This will be my first BB device. I will be coming from a Windows Phone.

    Currenty I use Verizons desktop(wireless sync) client that monitors my outlook and if it receives a email it forces the phone to pull the new info. it handles all my contacts, calender, and email perfect. As long as my PC stays running. This is perfectly fine with me.

    Now can I use the BB desktop app to do the EXACT same thing? Or does this have to get accomplished another way?

    My concern is emails. right now if im on the road my outlook will mirror the phone. lets say im out for 3 days and get 60 emails. I delete some on the phone, read some and keep as new ones that need my attention. When I return to my office my desktop reflects what I did on the road.

    How will this be accomplished?

    Thanks in advance
    07-06-09 09:08 AM