1. luvs2hike's Avatar
    Ok, so my contract is up next month and with all the wonderful things I'm reading about the Tour, I'm really thinking about switching from my 8330 Curve to the Tour. My question is... will I be able to keep all (or any) of the things I have dowloaded to my Curve? Like games, alarm clock, themes... I know about backing up my Curve so I can keep my phone numbers and all that, but what about all the little goodies I've bought from bplay? Does anyone know the answer?

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    07-14-09 09:24 AM
  2. JustinD2473#IM's Avatar
    most likely no on most of the apps.

    the tour has a different screen resolution than the curve so i'm thinking alot of those things will not be compatible, but i could be wrong.
    07-14-09 10:42 AM