1. chase1337's Avatar
    Just tested it and it works 8)
    07-14-09 04:45 PM
  2. Chuck Q's Avatar
    Good to know in case I need a spare lol

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    07-14-09 04:46 PM
  3. IslesFan's Avatar
    It's the same.

    I haven't even used the one that came with the Tour.
    07-14-09 04:47 PM
  4. graymulligan's Avatar
    confirmed here too...I had a spare storm abttery...yay.
    07-14-09 04:49 PM
  5. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    yep...all you had to do was look at the pictures...same d-x1. i have 3 now with a stand alone charger. i never use the overnight (stock) bedside charger.
    07-14-09 04:49 PM
  6. chase1337's Avatar
    Yeah just never thought about it untill I activated my tour w/o charging it all the way. Mid playing with it, it died. So I thought I'd share with the world just in case.
    07-14-09 04:52 PM