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    I think I have the first generation Tour as I bought it very early. I got it unlocked and enabled international roaming plan or whatever they call it.

    Anyway, I've been in Germany for a few days and want to report my experiences.

    I am also a Mac user and have been a loyal BB user for a long long time. My previous BB was a Curve 8330 (loved it).

    In Germany, depending on my location, the phone automatically acquire the different GSM network. I get TMobile D most of the time followed by Vodafone.de and then O2. As expected I get 3G coverage in populated area and 2G elsewhere (while traveling on train between cities).

    I don't notice any problems with voice calls, emails and browsing web. Where I have coverage things work as normal.

    I do have the following issues:

    1. GPS was only working from BB Map on the first day. Now it is always Searching for Satellites and not acquiring anything. Doing GPS test from Status no longer work now as well (getting a fix never completes).

    Battery pulls don't help. 10 minute boot up time not exactly a pleasant experience every time.

    Another interesting observation which I will try when I get back in the US is this: I knew that google map couldn't interface with the gps chip before so it was always reporting cell tower estimation. But on that first day when BBMap was still working, I can get google map to acquire the right coordinate. Here's the trick:
    - start bbmap
    - start gps nav
    - switch home
    - start google map
    - notice google map seems to work properly now

    2. I could not get tethering to work. I had my Mac set up for Sprint in US without any problem. I guess that the modem settings have to be changed for the specific carrier. So I tried different settings to no avail. These are the settings that I tried:
    - for vodafone.de : #99* vodafone vodafone
    - for tmobile: #99* guest guest

    In both cases, it connected to the modem but failed at the authentication portion or timed out.

    So either this kind of thing is not supposed to work (cross carrier tethering) or I just didn't set up my modem right. If any kind souls have solved this issue, please help... I am going to be in Europe till Friday and would very like to get this to work.


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    08-11-09 01:34 AM
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    For T-Mobile use *99# as dial-in number, NOT #99*.

    You must also change the APN in your connection software to internet.t-mobile

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    08-11-09 01:43 AM
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    I got my Tour the end of July and promptly signed up for int'l roaming (can be prorated w/ Sprint), went to Beijing then Hong Kong.

    Beijing does not have 3G but Edge worked great on China Mobile. Hong Kong has solid 3G with the carrier "3". The most annoying thing was the cost of roaming on voice was $2.29/min. I bought a local sim card, unlocked the phone with a call to Sprint, no problem. I could make almost free local calls and int'l calls by switching out the SIM card at any time.

    This got old real quick. An unlocked quad band GSM with the local SIM and leaving the Sprint SIM in the BB tour ended up working the best, but still two devices, but that was only to save on roaming. If someone called my US number i could either take the call or call by on the second phone with local number.

    Either way, the BB Tour worked great. I had GPS on Google Maps and BB Maps while on 3G but i do not remember this working on Edge. Anyway, having unlimited data and email while on travel was fantastic. First BB for me and thrilled to have it.
    08-11-09 02:39 AM