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    I went into Sprint store yersterday to swap phones because i have to push the trackball to left 5 or 6 times before it'll go left, then if I go past the character, fogettabout it, I have to push the ball to right 9-10 times, ridiculous. This is my 3rd time. 1st time, headphone jack and trackball. 2nd time, trackball and signal strength, 3rd time just the trackball but its really bad.

    I said I just want the dam trackball to work. I told him to fix it if you can, I do not wish to swap out because I am sick and tired of swaps, just see if you can fix it first. He excitedly said, oh yeah, we just got the fix kit in, we can fix it. I said great. I wait, 30 min later, the guy comes out w/ white 8830 trackball. IT ABSOLUTELY LOOKED LIKE $HIT!..... I said I paid $400 for this thingy? Dude, I just want a trackball that works, please can you do something? and all you do is put a white track ball? WTF...he put the new replacement trackball in and he said they do not work either. He said he didn't want to give me a new one either because he said I will continue to have this problem as they're all old batches. I says focking great, why are you guys selling it then? No answer. I said put the focking black trackball on and I just want a working god dam blackberry, pleasssssssssssse.

    He ordered me a new one shipped to the store which I am suppose to pick up at the store. He said he knows for sure that the ones in the stores will have problems so he had warehouse ship one for me, he said he can't guarantee anything WTFFFFF....

    Ridiculous. Sprint and every tom **** and harry is aware of the bad trackball issue but yet they're still selling it, scumbags!

    FYI, if you want a working trackball, put the white 8830 or 8330 track ball...it works like its suppose to! but the white ball is slightly larger than black and makes your tour look like black 8330. Its like putting a chevy rim on mercedes. Unreal. I hope you guys have better luck than me.
    09-11-09 01:13 PM