1. zelda26's Avatar
    I have a Sprint Tour that was purchased before the 8-2-09 date. It was one of the first batches that were released. I have the problems with the screen ripple, battery door loose, and sometimes the trackball sticks.

    I'm not a current Sprint customer, but I bought it at a Sprint Store. I've talked to RIM BB Support who directed me back to Sprint to get service/warranty exchange "what have you", and now talking to Sprint they told me there's nothing they will do with my phone cause I'm not a "Current Sprint" customer. Even though I have had sSprint for many years until recently.

    Any ideas what I can do to get this fixed? Or am I stuck?
    09-16-09 02:04 PM
  2. bakarus's Avatar
    I think that is horse crap. Rim should honor their manufacturer warranty. If they tell you one thing, it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Try to contact them again and show them your receipt and proof.

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    09-16-09 02:10 PM
  3. zelda26's Avatar
    Well from what I gathered RIM only replaces phones that were directly purchased through RIM. If you purchased it though a Cell Carrier, they direct you there.

    I can get it replaced through RIM but it costs $150
    09-16-09 02:14 PM
  4. zelda26's Avatar
    Anyone from Sprint Customer Service that can comment on this? I really would like to get my Tour replaced.
    09-17-09 10:51 AM