1. tgolden069's Avatar
    I have a Sprint 9630 that recently had a charging port go dead on me. I can only charge when bending the plug. Sprint is going to kindly replace my device through the mail but the confirmation says the device may be a similar model to my 9630 if it is not the Tour. So, my question is, has anyone had a recent situation and if so, what phone did you get from Sprint? I would like a 9650 but anything that is in better shape than my current 9630 would be nice.

    Thanks folks.
    10-30-10 01:43 PM
  2. krkranz86's Avatar
    I've had plenty of replacements from Sprint (And Verizon)

    You'll be getting the Spring 9630 Tour ....but a refurb. 99.9999999% certain.
    Thats why they say ''similar model'' - it may be the 9630 but with a different O.S. or an older release.

    The only time they will give you an "upgraded" replacement to a Bold, or actual different model is if they no longer carry your current model....and at that rate they'll probably push you to upgrade early or something.
    10-31-10 06:11 PM