1. Sprockethead's Avatar
    In fact, I forgot to look in the box when I got it, if you can believe it, for the form that the telesales guy said would be in there.

    Apparently they did it all on the back end. That's actually a very cool move by Sprint, especially after all the talk about how shady it is to have a rebate in teh first place (i.e., they are hoping people will forget to submit it).

    In fact, when I check the "rebate status" it says that my check has already been issued! (Seems like it's so quick that they might actually cause problems for themselves if I return the Tour.)

    Has anyone else received a confirmation email from Sprint?
    07-22-09 07:24 AM
  2. MBarnwell's Avatar
    My status page has a phone listed from 05...I was a sucker who printed it all out and mailed it in. Hope it works out.

    07-22-09 08:20 AM