1. dagallegos's Avatar
    Okay, so after reading so many threads about issues with the Tour specifically with the trackball, I decided to go and see what my options were at a local Sprint store by my job. What finally did it was when I was playing Word Mole and my trackball would not move to the right.

    I told the rep what was going on with my phone and he immediately took offense and grabbed it and tried it himself. He wanted to make me believe that "all blackberry's work the same" but I quickly grabbed the phone from him and let him try it on the Word Mole game. I felt like I had taken the car into the mechanic and no longer was it making that strange noise. It was pretty obvious though of the issue after he played with it a few times.

    He asked me how long I had had the phone and I told him under 30 days. He said, "do you want another one" and remembered about people complaining about possibly getting refurbished ones so I asked if he would give me a new one. He said, "no problem" come back in 20 minutes.

    I went and had some lunch and he transferred my phone book over and used my media card for my ring tones and pics but he could not transfer my apps. My wireless configuration problem was solved by a battery pull and all is well.

    Immediately I noticed a difference in not only in the trackball but the keys themselves. The battery door was not loose and the phone just felt TIGHTER. Maybe it's all in my head after reading so many posts but the phone seems to be working and I hope I don't have to exchange again. Good luck to all of you who are struggling with theirs. I love my Tour and love my new one even more ! Ohh yeah, Crackberry rules !!
    08-25-09 03:18 PM
  2. daniellelancaster's Avatar
    glad you got a new one that actually worked. i went into the sprint store today and it was just fabulous when i held the tour in my hands, lol. my hubby had to pry me away. i can't wait to get the tour. i might be getting it for my birthday next week.
    08-25-09 08:53 PM