1. BBuser_8330's Avatar
    So looks like Sprint users wont be able to use the whole verizon trick to get a new tour

    I called in today because my 2nd BB a refurbished one is starting to heat up all of a sudden and it's draining battery like crazy. I have no apps on it, and it stalls when i text. So i told the rep my issue, and he nicely told me he can go ahead and replace my phone with another Curve at no charge...

    I told him I didn't want to get the same phone because it's going to do the same...he told me, since it's company policy they can only give me the same phone regardless....so instead he had transferred me to TeleSales only to now have a Rep call me on the release date of the Tour (Sunday) and I have a $150 upgrade...but..Turns out I'll end up having to pay $400 for the Tour IF i do decide to get it..

    Anyone tried getting one a tour for free? or will you wait until it's been released?

    Should i speak with a Supervisor of some sort to see if I can get a Tour for free?

    07-11-09 03:24 AM
  2. yapkuen's Avatar
    I believe the Verizon trick requires you to have gone through three phones anyway, so since you're only on your second, it might not have worked even with Verizon
    07-11-09 03:27 AM
  3. BBuser_8330's Avatar
    hmm I guess I will call tomorrow and see if they can ship me another refurb :/

    yay me >_>
    07-11-09 03:28 AM
  4. yapkuen's Avatar
    Why is it that you are unable to use your $150 upgrade on the Tour?
    07-11-09 03:30 AM
  5. blackmagik84's Avatar
    Don't try to cheat the system. Either use your upgrade or buy it at full price if that's how bad you want the phone.
    07-11-09 06:41 AM