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    I ordered my first Tour over the phone the day Sprint made them available, so I had mine pretty early. My first phone didn't really have any problems other than the battery door being loose. Honestly, it bothered me, but not enough to warrant trying to get the phone replaced. Lately I noticed my trackball acting weird so I said "to **** with it" and opted to get the phone replaced. After going in and speaking to some in-store reps, I decided to call customer service because the people in stores are BEYOND ********. I don't like to argue with people (especially people that are there to help customers), but these guys were incredibly dumb and did a very good job of making me feel like Sprint doesn't care about me. I just left and decided to call Sprint because I didn't feel like dealing with people in the stores anymore.

    Any who, to make a long story short, the technical support rep over the phone ordered me a new phone and had it next-day aired to me. The phone arrived today, so I went home for lunch to check it out really quick, and man this thing is great. Immediately I noticed that the battery door problem is gone. It sits completely and perfectly flush. Also, the trackball feels different (better, actually). I left it at home because I didn't have to time activate and backup my current phone, but I'm going to compare it with my original phone better when I get home from work. Like, checkout the manufacturing dates, where it was manufactured, etc.

    So has anyone else ran into something like this? There definitely lacks consistency between the Sprint store reps and the phone reps. The people in the store said that they don't replace the phone due to a loose battery cover, and that in fact EVERY TOUR IS LIKE THAT!. I couldn't believe it when I heard that. However, the rep over the phone told me that no, they're not all like that and that they should have tried to repair to replace the phone for me (and even offer me a loaner phone).

    Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. I'm happy now, I think I finally have a perfect Tour
    08-18-09 06:43 PM