1. jakespeed1313's Avatar
    Hi all, I'm a newbie here who registered specifically to find a solution for this problem I'm having.

    I've got Sirius XM online streaming and I downloaded the app for my BB Tour 9630. However, I wanted to stream MLB play by play and there's no option on the BB app for those stations. (Those dedicated stations -- Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, etc. -- do exist on the iPad and iPhone apps, as well as the normal computer laptop/desktop browser.)

    Has anybody else had this issue and is there an alternate download of the Sirius app so I can stream those MLB games? Or are we screwed as BB owners?
    07-27-12 01:30 PM
  2. lonedog's Avatar
    Sadly although Sirius still has a BB app, they haven't updated it in quite some time , the app isn't even available for BB7 devices , so my guess is that you're probably out of luck in getting MLB on the app.
    07-27-12 04:28 PM