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    Well about a week ago i got my first blackberry, the Tour 9630. I absolutely love the phone and its a huge upgrade from the failure of a Samsung i had before.

    Anyways, After setting up BBM, usng the Emal wizard for a gmail account, bringing forward my sms folder, and having facebook, Im getting mail in duplicate folders and was wandering who could help me. I've searched all over the forum and couldnt find anything i was looking for.

    Simply i want my facebook messages only on facebook, my texts in the sms folder, my emails only in my namewhatever@gmail.com folder, and thats it. Currently my man issue is my Messages folder. That folder is also displaying emails, missed calls, etc. Is this standard messages folder really necessary? havng to delete emails twce etc. is a little annoying. Thanks for your help!!!
    11-29-09 01:49 AM
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    General Options
    SMS And Email Boxes: set to SEPARATE


    Phone (green call button)
    Call Logging: set to NONE

    By default all Email messages go to the Messages folder as well as individual Emails folders. Hide the Messages folder. When email is deleted from your specific @gmail.com folder, it will also be deleted from the Messages folder.

    To delete entire inbox:
    Go into any message folder (Messages, @gmail.com, SMS/MMS)
    Press T
    Delete Prior

    Keep in mind that PIN Messages, Activation Messages, BlackBerry App World Update Messages *only* appear in the Messages folder. So if you have an unread message icon that you cannot find, press Menu-Show All and check within your hidden Messages folder.

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    11-29-09 02:06 AM