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    I don't know if its just me or what, but I keep having simple installs or upgrades of applications totally bricking my phone. First, the new BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 got it stuck at "Reload Software: 552" and now upgrading Facebook 1.7 got it stuck in a never ending reboot loop.

    Both times I was able to just erase and reflash the entire phone on my PC, but I was never able to recover it without totally erasing everything and reinstalling system software. I'm not using any leaked/hacked OSes or anything, I'm running the official Verizon OS.

    Are Blackberries supposed to be this sensitive to just installing or upgrading simple user apps? Am I doing something wrong or loading them incorrectly? I'm about to go buy a Droid if this is just how Blackberries work...
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    it's not just you. i've had apps that my 8330 had no problem with just destroy the tour's os. have had to wipe it 5 times in the 6 weeks i've owned it.
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    Double post.
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    This has been discussed. Use the search button.
    I have never had a 552 error with the multiple themes and apps I have downloaded and used.
    That being said search and let this thread die.

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