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    I have a Sprint Tour with a non-BIS/BES data plan. On my previous Sprint 8830 I was able to copy a generic service books file to the device to unlock the browser for OTA downloads, it was pretty nice although I much prefer the Opera Mini browser.

    The generic service book did not work with this newer phone. I'd appreciate if someone would share their service books file with me so I can try the process with a Tour 9630 service books file.

    I apologize if this is trivial for most berry users, I don't do much outside of some web browsing during my train commute and texting, nothing much more than that, I really love the quality of the interface and the phone and don't use many more of the featuers. Berry's are just plain great phones!

    The process I followed on the 8830 was this:
    Open Blackberry Desktop Manager (I use version 5, but have also used one in the 4's too)
    Choose Backup and Restore module
    Choose Advanced
    In Right-Hand column under Device Databases click on Service Book
    Click on the << button between the two columns
    The service book file will transfer to the Computer Databases side of the screen
    Click on File dropdown menu above Computer Databases window
    Choose Save As
    Save the file with a simple name such as sb.ipd on your desktop or somewhere easy to find it
    If asked if you want to encrypt the file say no
    Please send me a PM so we can work out sending the file. I also have a hotmail account with the same username as I'm using on this forumn if that works.

    It will be nice to try to get the OTA download function working again so I can install my weather app and a couple of others that don't offer desktop download options.


    08-01-09 01:06 AM
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    Id help ya but im on Verizon
    08-01-09 01:20 AM
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    It might not matter, if you are willing, I'm willing. I don't think the previous service books I used that I had found online were not from a particular carrier. Let me know if you can help me out! Thanks!

    08-01-09 01:36 AM
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    Sadly, the verizon service books on my sprint Tour did not enable the browser. I will hope that perhaps it IS carrier dependent. Any Sprint folks willing to help?

    08-01-09 02:40 AM
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    There is a website that makes this work. I think the guy's name is Anworm or something. Anyways here's the link, just follow it and you should have the brower working in just a couple minutes.

    English (browser Without BIS)
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    08-01-09 01:29 PM
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    Thanks Ronin,

    I have previously used anworm's instructions to unlock an 8830's browser, but it did not work on my 9630 Tour. I guess the browser service book must be different which is why I was asking if someone here could send me a 9630 browser service book for Sprint.

    I tried service Books from a verizon person but it had a lot of BIS components, but nothing that was specifically named "Browser Config" or similar. If I don't get a set of books today that unlock the browser, I'm going to go to sprint and give up my awesome cheap plan and switch to a plan that includes BIS.

    Any help out there, I need a Sprint 9630 Sprint browser service book-- Please!

    08-01-09 02:08 PM
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    Hmm, that's kinda weird. It worked for me on my 8330 and on my Tour
    08-01-09 02:17 PM
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    Was yours a Sprint Tour? Do you have BIS or BES service too or just a standard data plan?

    08-01-09 02:33 PM
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    Was yours a Sprint Tour? Do you have BIS or BES service too or just a standard data plan?

    do you have a SERO plan? try reading this thread:

    Blackberry Tour w/ Sero - SprintUsers.com
    08-01-09 02:43 PM
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    I just reread the Anworm instructions and realized I skipped the first step of putting it into legacy Service Book Restore mode! Once I did that, the browser icon appeared. Prior to that some books would display and some not, but in Legacy mode, the browser book shows. I feel stupid skipping that step, but problem solved using just the info on Anworm site with Sprint Tour. FYI that trick only includes email and browser service books, no MMS.
    08-01-09 05:26 PM
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    Id help ya but im on Verizon
    What exactly are service books anyway? I have verizon. I was told that I need a service book for my BBM to work. But I do not see it installed in the service book area. I seems like I can still send BB Messages, but at this point I am waiting on replies and to see if they are received. I tried to install from the DM backup/restore but I still dont see it. Any suggestions?

    Please PM with some great advice on how to install or if I even need. Posting is ok too. But I will get it faster with PM. Thanks in advance
    08-05-09 03:58 AM
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    can you please put up the generic service books you have i need to try them also
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    10-03-09 04:19 PM