1. MWZotti's Avatar
    I have had my phone for close to a week now, and while I was making a phone call tonight I noticed that the backlight behind the end key, back key, scroll ball, BB Key and the send key was lit. No other lights were on. Is this normal? I tried an alt shift del to reboot the phone but the problem still exists. Any one else having this same issue?
    07-28-09 11:15 PM
  2. anon(771948)'s Avatar
    Maybe so you can find the keys during a phonecall in the dark? or so you know you're still in a call if its set down w/ backlight off? Or a bug. lol. But mine is the same way
    07-28-09 11:24 PM
  3. cfarley08's Avatar
    It is normal so you can use the important menu functions should you be in the dark.
    07-28-09 11:56 PM