1. Dirtbikemike's Avatar
    I upgraded from Curve to Tour and the same headsets I have always used (plantronics 320's) sounded much better on my curve than my tour. On the tour it sounds very tinny. Its not terrible if we both callers have a good connection,good phone and speak clear English, but if one of these factors are missing it gets really hard for me to understand the caller. I have tinkered with the tone and base adjustments a little. Any suggestions or people with similar problems?

    Also this site and Blackberrys are Awesome! My wife is jealous and when I tell people all the cool things my phones can do, they think I am trying to sell it to them!

    PS has anyone noticed the crackberry.com is responding very slow lately or is everything in my life just crashing?
    07-23-09 09:09 PM