1. Zoombah's Avatar
    Just got a Tour a few days ago and was disappointed to see that it offers fewer controls over ringtone alerts than my trusty 8703. And some of the tones just sound off on the Tour compared to how they sounded on the 8703. Especially upsetting to me was the loss of escalating volume controls and the ability to repeat tones up to three times. I came up with a duct tape workaround.

    I recorded the customized ringtones from my 8703 into my Tour as voice notes and then made the voice notes available as ringtones. End of problem. The skies have cleared and the birds are singing.

    07-17-09 10:04 AM
  2. wth1973's Avatar
    Good for you that's a great idea

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    07-17-09 11:39 AM