1. rellaps's Avatar
    I wasn't sure how to word the subject!

    I've got a Tour and I've had one for about a year. I had the trackball issues right out of the box, and then a few months later had more problems with the replacement phone and that had to get replaced. So, as of a couple months ago I was on Tour #3.

    It was fine for awhile, and then all of a sudden, it began resetting itself all the time. I tried everything I found in here, memory issues, etc. Nothing ever worked -- it was never during the same application, nothing, it was just whenever it felt like doing it, it did it. I could be emailing, bam the screen would go blank, I could be on FB, the screen would go blank. I am not a big person on apps, Social Scope does everythign I need, so I use Social Scope, BB Browser and email and Im good to go.

    Then the battery started draining EVERY time it reset.

    I changed the battery, which still didn't work. I called Verizon, who sent me a new device last week. Now, I'm still having the exact same problems, except worse. When it resets itself, it does it multiple times. It will go through the cycle of loading the "Blackberry" screen with the white bar, and then it goes black AGAIN and does it AGAIN.

    Could I have gotten a bad battery? Would that have anything to do with it? All I know is I'm getting majorly frustrated to continuously have this problem -half the time the phone is not functional! I really am about to not even fool with Blackberry anymore, but I really really love the feel of my keyboard...
    10-11-10 09:48 AM
  2. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    I would call customer service and request a new refurbished device, or go to the store and see if they have a different battery floating around you could test with.

    You could also try to wipe and reinstall the device's OS and see if that makes a difference.
    10-11-10 02:02 PM
  3. TOphotog's Avatar
    I had the same issue with my BBTour... two months old and then it would start rebooting all the time. During a call, typing a message, etc. I got a loaner and the original was sent to RIM. Fixed with no problems every since. I think it was an electronics issue. It was not a battery issue as that was tested.
    10-15-10 02:09 PM
  4. Crayons15's Avatar
    i have this exact same problem. never had any problems until one day i got a white screen with a software error and had to take it to verizon -they fixed it, but ever since then i've had issues.

    just recently it started draining the battery when it re-booted. It only happened every so often so i just left it, but it's happened 3 times in 4 days now. It's driving me up a wall, but my contract is up next month (i just ordered an iphone using my dad's upgrade bc he didn't want it) and i'm guessing verizon will probably just make me pay $80 for a new one anyways, so not worth it when i have a new phone coming.
    02-06-11 10:25 AM