1. ABK2's Avatar
    I am reposting my earlier SMS Text Alert problem with a more clearer description of the problem in hopes that it may get a response:

    I have the default SMS Text Alert set as BBRelaxed_Pianola in both Ring Tones/Alerts and a Custom Profile I have set up and use. Then I have different Messenging alerts set in Contact Alerts for certain contacts. Here is the issue. When a contact in my Address Book but who is NOT a contact set in the special Contact Alerts sends an SMS Text, the default BBRelaxed_Pianola alerts as should be. When a contact set with a special Contact Alert sends an SMS Text, then the correct special alert plays....again OK. The problem is when I get an SMS Text from someone who is not a contact in the address book. I would expect and want the default BBRelaxed_Pianola alert to play. Instead, it plays the alert of the last SMS Text (i.e. usually one of the special Contact Alerts), which ultimately confuses me because I expect the text to be from that Special Contact Alert. I pulled out the battery to reset and then sent a test SMS text from a contact not in my address book and it worked fine with the default BBRelaxed_Pianola alert, but once another SMS text came through from a special Contact Alert, then the next text from a contact not in my address book again kept the alert from the prior special Contact Alert. If I add the contact to my address book, then the issue is gone, but I would expect and want any SMS texts from anyone other than those I have set up to have special messenging alerts (without having to be in my address book) to pick up the default BBRelaxed_Pianola.
    Any thoughts?
    12-11-09 03:57 PM
  2. billie1968's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with my Bold 9000. Haven't found a solution yet either.
    01-06-10 01:15 PM