1. sweetcarolinamoma's Avatar
    I am currently waiting to get my 3rd tour in the mail. should be here today!!!! ugh!!!

    Got my tour late sept. and by second week in oct the ringer wasnt working half the time and the trackball was getting stuck. so i took it back and they sent me a new one.

    got it in the mail after over a week and activated it at home. couple weeks later i wasnt getting anything on it. no phone calls, i could call out but people couldnt hear me. i would get a message saying i had a voice mail but there wasnt an alert for a missed call and no record of that call in the call log! CRAZY!

    soooo i took that one back and they said it had low signal strength.... so they are sending me a new one. its sooo frustrating!

    anyone else have any of these problems?? i asked about any known issues with the tour and was told only the trackball issue....

    im just ready to throw it in the trash!

    Mary Beth
    11-11-09 08:45 AM
  2. acetylcholine's Avatar
    sorry to hear.. i think its just bad luck because you see alot of people here on these forums posting about the same issues.. but at the same time.. you have people like me who are still on their first tour.. ive had mine since august and everything's working perfectly for me
    11-11-09 08:55 AM