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    So after I went through the initial trackball problems last year and finally got a winner tour which lasted 11 months, my trackball died. Called verizon and they sent me a replacement tour, it was shipped from West Chester PA and it did not have a green dot. It had a build date of 6/11/2010. It shipped with OS .732. It had a problem though when I pressed the trackball, it would act like pressing the escape button. It was a P.I.T.A. So I called and they shipped another replacement. This one was shipped from Fort Worth, TX. It has a green dot and a build date of 6/22/2010. It shipped with OS .591. Just wondering what difference is between the two phones (eg: was one new and one a refurb?) Thanks for any input.
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    I'm not really sure on the differences between the dots/no dots etc. I have had two replacements from VZW. One had a green dot and the other had a green and a yellow dot (two dots). Weird. Both were from Fort Worth, TX and came in the brown CLNR box. I really only need one replacement for a completely unresponsive trackball but the first replacement (only green dot) had some problems as well. I could not even activate it and switch over to that device because the radio was bad... They shipped me the second phone immediately which arrived the next day. I'm still using that one without issue for over 7 months now.

    There have been some other threads here with speculation over what the dots mean and the colors etc. Regardless of that all if your device is working now, keep it!
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    This one seems fine, it was more of a curiousity thing. Dots, no Dots, Bolds, Tours, RFU, New, Trackball or Trackpad. The healthcare reform was easier to decifer! Lol!
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