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    I have a Blackberry Tour that Verizon gave me right before I convinced them to give me a new model phone (in my case a Droid 2). So I had this Tour for about a week before my Droid came and since the carrier said I did not have to ship it back, I was going to sell it online.

    It must have been a Verizon refurb because the phone was perfect except for the #4 key which began chipping off paint after 2 days. Since I was in the middle of negotiating for a phone other than the Tour, I didn't worry about the 4 key.

    Long story short I got my new phone, bought a new keyboard for the Tour and installed it but now I realize the speaker isn't making any sounds. It wont ring or play a voice note I record.

    Obviously I can't sell it like that and want to repair it since it came brand new in the box and everything is in the original packaging which makes it more attrative to a buyer. I already spent enough on the keyboard and tools and wondered if there is a video on checking the speaker connection or if anyone knows where that is in the phone.. I spent a lot of time learning how to open it properly but can't find anything on the Tour's speaker. Only CURVES AMD Bolds. Are the phones all the same when it comes to the speaker connection?
    Thanks for your help!

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    02-03-11 08:32 AM