1. 0xcb's Avatar
    Anyone know where I can get redlight camera POI for "Garmin for blackberry" ? ie, it needs to work integrated with Garmin software. I know of trapster, but I am not sure of it, because of privacy concerns.

    07-01-09 07:51 PM
  2. Ctaylor324's Avatar
    You can go to the trapster web site and download the redlight cams, speed traps, etc... as POI files. Use the following address:

    Trapster - Please Login

    (you may have to sign in to trapster first)

    This will get you the POI file itself. However, I don't know how to import it into the BB Garmin software. I do use these POI files in my standalone Garmin.

    Perhaps you could connect your BB with your laptop and explore the Garmin directories to see if you could copy the POI file into the right directory or maybe replace a POI category that you don't use.
    07-01-09 10:19 PM
  3. 0xcb's Avatar
    Excellent, will give that a try. thank you.
    07-01-09 10:52 PM