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    I just did a wipe of my Tour a few days ago and have been reinstalling a ton of apps over the past few days. I've run into an issue though, it seems at some point the apps I installed stopped lauching. Stuff I installed earlier works fine still, but anything I installed in the past 12 hours gives me this error when I try to launch it.

    Error starting (insert app name here): non-persistable class indices exhausted

    I have plenty of memory left, done a few battery pulls, nothing works, have I hit some sort of limit to the amount of applications I can install? It's not that many, nor did I have this problem in the past. I'm running

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    This just continues the saga of the 4.7 OS that never should have been released. It did seem like there was a limit to the number of apps. I was about ready to send my Tour back while I ran 4.7 but have been very happy with it since I installed 5.0.230. Sorry I don't have much to help you.


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    I been plaqued with this problem from the start on my 9650 with OS 6! If its not 50 or so apps, its at 180ish mb that I get this crash or loop reboot! No ones been able to help after a ton of threads I started on the subject. I'm glad to find someone finally writing about the same experience I been struggling with for more than 6 months!
    05-16-11 02:49 AM
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    holy thread revival batman.

    funny thing is, if you google "non-persistable class indices exhausted" theres like 5 or 6 different websites this guy posted this thread on verbatim back on 11/19/2010 LOL.
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    Lmao! I noticed it too

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    is it just me or every thread in the Tour forum is from 2009/2010 and has been randomly bumped after months of no response.
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