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    Okay so here is the deal. This all started about 2-3 weeks ago. My blackberry will go into searching for CDMA randomly throughout Phoenix. My partner has a BB curve 8330 and he will have 3-4 bars and I will be searching for service. It will typically happen when I am browsing or using BBM. I rarely drop calls with it.

    I took it to a Sprint store and they told me nothing was wrong with it. And to go online and file a ticket (cant find where to do this anywhere). But I am still having the issue.

    Any ideas?

    (History: This is my 4th tour, first 3 had the trackball issue. I was an early adopter, WORSE DECISION EVER! I have had nothing but trouble with this phone and seriously just want to chuck the darn thing out a window!)
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    you might have to do some research, idk if its like the tour and if you guys can swap out radios like we can, im pretty sure someone will chime in on this thread that knows for sure.
    12-20-09 12:11 AM