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    I was wondering if there are different versions of the os. Tonight I downloaded .230, .273, and a hybird 5.0 to my pc to see witch one was better.... I was already running .230 and it worked fine for me. I installed .273 and its kinda sucked took to long to boot up and lagged a lot. Then I started to install the hybird 5.0 os but it was to many steps and I really don't understand shrink-a-os. So I reinstalled my .230 os and before I did that I put 4.7 stock os back on my bb wiped handheld then installed .230 and I noticed when it was finished it said installed successfully. I've done this maybe 4 times before and it always loaded but said error something didn't download but worked. So I did a batt. Pull and it loaded really fast like almost less then 3mins and the os looked a lil different so I checked to see the os # and it said and I only have .230 loaded on my pc cause I deleted all the other ones before I went back to .230, so are there different versions of .230 os......thanks

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    11-07-09 01:13 AM