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    Hey BB gurus. I have a couple of questions before making the leep into BB land.

    I currently use a Motorola Q and find it "ok" although the reliability is becoming an issue. First off I use verizons wireless sync desktop program that syncs my outlook and contacts just perfect. I have no issues leaving my computer on at my office all the time.

    Does the BB desktop manager work just like this app?

    The next thing is a quark of mine. I like to see my appointments on my home screen. I dont want to go into my calender or get reminded 15 minutes or so before. Does the BB OS let me put my upcoming appointments on the home screen?

    This is not my motorola homescreen, but its close. I have at a glance each email account and my upcoming appointment.

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    07-02-09 10:53 AM
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    make the pic smaller please

    as for having the calendar on the main screen there are themes for that.
    check out genesis for the berries in the app store and you will see.
    07-02-09 11:02 AM