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    Hey guys,

    This is my first BB so I am learning the ropes and was wondering if anyone had any advise on a small issue I am having. Lets hope I can explain it well enough.

    Well basically I have my tests/pic messages going into one folder and my emails into either which is perfect. However, that leaves the app 'messages' that I don't really use to sit there and collect emails and missed calls, therefore duplicating everything. I check the missed call or email but it still shows an icon saying 1 message on the screen. I tried hiding it but it still shows up. Anyone have any idea on what I can do? I still want to be notified of missed calls and new emails like it is, but I was just wondering if it all has to be replicated in the messages folder as well. I played around with the options but I couldn't come up with anything exactly how I wanted it.

    I may have to live with it, but just wanted to check


    09-09-09 02:33 PM
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    09-09-09 02:41 PM
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    That is not what I was looking for.

    I am wondering if there is away around having a 'messages' folder all together since I have a text and email folder already made. Do to this I get duplicates. I dont want my missed calls showing in messages folder once I have checked them.

    Anymore thoughts?
    09-09-09 07:08 PM
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    09-09-09 07:40 PM