02-16-10 07:25 PM
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  1. saintj's Avatar
    .419 ain't great but the sprint release is even worse.

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    Well what would make it best for you
    02-15-10 07:06 PM
  2. RobNyc's Avatar
    .419 ain't great but the sprint release is even worse.

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    .419 was way way better for me
    02-15-10 09:55 PM
  3. Jpatterson350's Avatar
    I happen to love the update and I think sprint did a great job! Thanks rim and sprint.


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    02-15-10 10:42 PM
  4. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    Thanks rim and sprint.
    Yeah I'm sure they're patting each other on the back right now.

    Or not
    02-15-10 11:57 PM
  5. olemil's Avatar
    Hopefully we'll get some new leaks and the .484 hybrids can start surpassing the .419 hybrids

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    Well actually I just got an email from bbhybrids saying they have new .497 hybrids from the latest Storm2 leak, just can't keep up..lol.
    02-16-10 12:31 AM
  6. olemil's Avatar
    Yeah, true but when I search a lot of times I have to read a million threads just talking about it and not how to do it so I give up.
    Sent you a PM.
    02-16-10 12:32 AM
  7. joshua.worth's Avatar
    Thanks .419
    02-16-10 12:46 AM
  8. ruizjes2's Avatar
    The problems I've had since switching form the 8350i to the tour is one i have my input language set to Spanish and every time i text my wife it wont correct the word like before. also every time i get an email it automatically deletes itself without me having to do anything. this sucks because since i got this phone a week ago ive had issues the first day i got it it bricked on me had to go to sprint to get a new one. did the update last week and now these issues and i thought with switching from nextel to sprint would be better. i love blackberry i just hate the issues why cant they just make a phone that will work without updates or anything. sorry just frustrated.
    02-16-10 12:46 AM
  9. andyf4's Avatar
    I agree - .484 has many issues. I'm having sync issues with desktop mgr. Where can I download the .419 OS?
    02-16-10 10:43 AM
  10. MsRandall's Avatar
    I guess I am a lucky .484 user. I havent see many bugs and really like the build. The one thing I dont like is the callback number in the sms fields but I realize this is not a BUG
    02-16-10 10:52 AM
  11. michie's Avatar
    I hate that once I select and read a new email from the Today screen, all of my emails then disappear. Not cool at all. I have 4 different email accounts and I don't want to weed thru them all to find a specific one.

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    02-16-10 12:33 PM
  12. sasha#WN's Avatar
    Well I loved the update, until my phone froze two days later! Did a battery pull, and the phone starting loading, but once it got to the Sprint logo it just froze wouldn't do anything else! Took it to the Sprint store, and they haven't a clue what's wrong with it, and can't be fixed. I should be receiving my new one tomorrow. Not sure if the freezing had anything to do with the update, but its got me a little leary about trying to update the new one!
    02-16-10 01:10 PM
  13. xsabresx's Avatar
    I have to say, I havent had a single issue with .484. I had a problem installing the software because it kept telling me the phone wasnt connected. That was on the PC end because reboot fixed that problem. Other than that, not a single complaint.

    Never really noticed the screen going black when I locked it, but I see that. For me that isnt an issue.
    02-16-10 01:40 PM
  14. bluedragonfly's Avatar
    my bdm updated mine to 5.0 i was a little w t f about how they changed the media folder. I had it as a conv. key and when i pressed it it went to the media folder as if I had opened any other folder... I guess thats a weird change for me cuz I liked the blue background and seeing the big icon. But the threaded sms sorta makes up for that. And when I go to compose an sms it shows a dialog box that has you type the contact name and then it brings you to outgoing sms... oh and i had to re-accept all my apps permissions like facebook & etc.

    But 5.0 seems right on....
    02-16-10 07:25 PM
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