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    all of a sudden, if i delete an email on my handheld it does not delete from my actual gmail account. in fact, it doesnt even say that its read. well, on the computer next to inbox it doesnt say any are new, but when i look at the inbox, i still have the emails and it shows them bolded like they were not read at all. when i delete on my bb, nothing happens to gmail.
    i tried deleting my gmail address from my phone, resending service books, battery pulls but none of that has resolved. i made sure that handheld wins was set to on under wireless reconciliation and in the VZW BIS control/email settings i have it set to sync deleted emails.

    i tried fooling around with the contact sync a few days ago but stopped it becaues it wasnt working (this is the only new thing ive done with my bb in the last week or so). i also downoaded the new socialbeat app from verizon/iskoot. but other than that nothing is new in the last few days.

    i am running driphters 6.3 on top of whatever OS its supp to be installed on (.484 i think?). dont just jump to that as the problem because i have had it for almost a month and have not had a problem until now (that i tried that stupid contact sync bullsht).

    has anyone seen this or have any suggestions for me? id really appreciate it. thanks!
    03-12-10 03:46 PM
  2. joshtb86's Avatar
    anyone have any possibiities?
    03-13-10 06:12 AM
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    I had exactly the same issue, suddenly the deleted emails from my BB remained on gmail and even as unread.

    This happened to me after trying to fix a Blackberry from a friend, ...
    I tried removing the service books and re-sending them several times, etc.. I even Tried to setup my BIS account with a blackberry that is not being used...

    I was looking for this several hours, and I noticed that didn't only happened with GMAIL, was doing the same with my email from work, I was able to send email and they showed on the sent items on GMAIL and my work email.

    Gmail was showing the sent emails as unread/thread conversation, very annoying.

    Before deleting service books, I used the other handset and was able to to the syncing on the other handset (but is not mine), the other handset was able to mark unread items from gmail web instantly, delete items ont he handset and this items were deleted from the gmail web right away, Finally I decided to wipe my blackberry (9700) and add the emails again and everything is back to normal.

    Is kind odd of what happened and what is the issue to cause this.

    On my work email happened the same, read emails from BB not mark read on my exchange, after wipe is doing that as is supposed to do.

    I thought it was a configuration problem with gmail but as happened that same with the other email I got the conclusion that something was wrong on the Blackberry not the email server.

    I think this happened because I tried to set a different BIS account on my Blackberry, I did a device change on the other BIS account and added mine, I think that's why everything was screwed. The strange thing is that I resend the service books like 20 times, seems like was a configuration on the device memory, I tried adding a different email, one never added to the Blackberry and did the same. So' is something with the device switch but I switched the device with another one and didn't result.

    Hope this information helps to anyone, I was like 4 hours searching for a solution to this.
    03-15-10 04:12 PM
  4. thegoodboy66's Avatar
    I use the Contact sync from google gmail plugin and I can tell that is working fine for me.
    03-15-10 04:48 PM
  5. joshtb86's Avatar
    its finally working now after a few days, but sometimes the emails will stay "unopened" for like 10 mintues before disappoearing from gmail. very weird.
    03-15-10 07:30 PM
  6. thegoodboy66's Avatar
    Mine is updating everything instantly after wipe.

    Is weird.
    03-16-10 09:37 AM