1. randymc2641's Avatar
    Has anyone had this problem. I have been having problems getting my contact to make good contact with the wires on the cradle, so I was trying to create more tension by pulling the wires on the cradle out, well I pulled them out too much, and when trying to release some of the tension, the wire fell back into the cradle. I am needing to disassemble the cradle, has anyone done this? This is the blackberry cradle.

    06-27-11 12:23 AM
  2. blurtixx's Avatar
    I've opened up a cradle before and it's really simple connections inside.

    Just tear out the rubber surface on the bottom and use a philips screwdriver to dismantle it. And you can use your fingers to pull the contact points back into place.

    Have fun!
    07-18-11 10:18 AM
  3. soxfan04's Avatar
    If all else fails I just bought a new cradle from Amazon for $4.99.
    07-18-11 12:24 PM