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    I have been frequenting Crackberry for some time now and finally have something to post about (in this case it is unfortunate). I have BB Tour on Sprint and a MacBook Pro. I had minimal problems moving from Pocketmac to the leaked DM for Mac and synced the first few times with no errors and much excitement! Recently when I went to sync it gave me an error during the address book section and now the address book is filled with 579 listings for "Sprint Customer Service" and no other contacts. I know about the Option>"rset" function and have done it, only to clear the count in the options screen but not the actually listings. I have tried to delete them one by one and it will not allow that either. I can no longer sync my address book with my computer, be it Mac or PC and when I go to backup or restore it basically tells me that the address book doesnt exist (like it doesnt show up on any of the lists). I guess my question is two fold:

    1. Does anyone know a fix??
    2. Can I safely remove the Address Book Application from my Tour and reload it from somewhere (please tell me where if you know)? I have a feeling that might be the only fix.

    I am typically pretty electronic savvy but I am stumped...and have tried everything I can think of short of wiping my BB (which i hope and pray I dont have to do)

    I am still running the Stock OS, if that matters in this situation?

    09-09-09 06:45 PM
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    If you have a back-up with the 'good' address book, go to DM > BACKUP / RESTORE > ADVANCED. Browse for the back-up that has the good address book, loading it on the [left] side. Then import the address from the [left] side to the [right] side. This action overwrites the existing address book.
    09-09-09 07:37 PM
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    OK, i tried that and had actually tried that before, but i gave it another shot and it said that the restore was complete but when I went back to my Tour nothing had changed. I tried it with two separate backups of "good" address books and nothing. any other suggestions?
    09-10-09 12:09 AM